Estates Drive 5 Acre Parcel in North Port Estates
Amazing 5-acre lot on Estates Drive in North Port Estates. This lot is adjacent and to the immediate right of the colored property in the photo. Directly in front of this lot is a canal view and immediately beyond is a large protected nature preserve. This area is very peaceful, quite and beautiful. Obviously, with the preserve in front, there will be no houses or roads built there. Make just one trip out here and you'll be hooked on the area and this property. All properties on Estates Drive are minimum 5 acre parcels. A 5.36 Acre parcel on the corner is also available and there is a discount if you purchase both 5 acres together giving you about 10.5 acres total.
PRICE: $169,990 OBO per 5 acre lot.

Disclaimer: This Charlotte County GIS photo was recently downloaded from their site. However, they only update their aerial photos once every year or two and it's difficult to say exactly how up to date any photos in their system are. Buyer is advised to perform all due diligence on any property before buying.