Hello and thank you for visiting PortCharlotteVacantLand.com. WE BUY LOTS IN PORT CHARLOTTE and we have a small number of premium lots in beautiful Port Charlotte, Florida available for sale. We are a few private land owners. We are not realtors so you pay no commission on any sales on this site. Special limited time offer: We will finance any 1/4 acre lot on this site at TRUE 0%!!

We are very proud of the properties listed here, as they are in a great area (NW Port Charlotte, formerly called P103 on local Real Estate maps), with mostly new construction in the area. We believe you cannot find more affordable property on the coast of Florida than in Port Charlotte. We are fortunate to have some double (two adjacent) lots, as well as a triple (three adjacent lots) available. City water is an important consideration (most of the lots listed have city water) since if a property does not have city water, a well needs to be drilled for water service or the city may assess a hefty charge to cover the charges to connect the property. This obviously increases a buyers costs, which is why lots with city water are of higher value. All lots are on nicely paved roads with electric service readily available. Some lots are in pleasantly unique areas or close to (but not directly on) waterways.


NONE of the lots listed here are in the environmentally sensitive scrub jay area. If you are not familiar with the Florida Scrub Jay, it is a small bird labeled as threatened and protected by the United St ates Fish and Wildlife Service and the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission. There are a significant number of lots in Charlotte County that lay within areas that Scrub Jays have known to live in. Although people do try to sell vacant lots in the Scrub Jay areas of the county, you cannot build on those lots without going through red tape with government. If you view properties on the Charlotte County MLS, you will often find the cheapest lots typically are "Scrub Jay" lots and therefore, you cannot build on them with impunity. As the saying goes, "cheap can be expensive" and we urge you to do your own due diligence when looking to acquire surprisingly inexpensive lots (or any lots for that matter). One way to check if a lot is in the Scrub Jay habitat, is using the Charlotte County GIS system (see the LINKS page on our Web site), and you can check the box for Scrub Jay, then enter the address of the property or the short legal description. If it shows up in RED on the map, it is in the restricted Scrub Jay area. You can also contact the Charlotte County Environmental Services Department as well. Again, NONE of our lots are within the Scrub Jay habitat area as per Charlotte County GIS.


Lastly, should you be interested in selling your lot or buying any property listed here, simply Contact Us and we can provide you with more information and possibly meet you at the property location, although you can do that yourself at any time once we provide you with exact location details.

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